Can I take a shower/bath with an ostomy?

Jul 12, 2021

Yes, absolutely. You can shower with your pouch on or off: 

  • Before you get in the shower, check your pouch seal and make sure it is secure.   
  • Don’t use any heavily scented bath soaps or bath bombs, or anything with glitter.  
  • Use all-natural products (make sure they are oil free and easy to rinse off). 
  • Make sure to keep shampoo and conditioner away from your stoma. 
  • Don’t wash your stoma with soap - Just use water. 
  • If taking a bath, don’t use bath salts.  
  • Choose a time when there is less stoma activity.   
  • If showering without your pouch, remove the skin barrier too. 
  • If your wafer peels on the edges when wet, dry the wafer with a hairdryer while pressing down on the edges. 
  • Put your hairdryer on a low heat setting and dry your bag after you get out of the shower or bath.  
  • Many people like to shower when they're due for a pouch change and let their stoma be “free”.  Avoid having a hard stream of water hit your stoma directly – a removable showerhead can be helpful.