How to avoid food blockages (Colostomate).

Jul 12, 2021

You have no control over structural blockages, but by controlling what you eat, you can reduce the chance of a food blockage, which is more common.  

This kind of blockage can happen when food with fiber or roughage hasn’t been chewed or digested properly and forms a sort of dam, blocking the passage of output. 

Food blockages are far less common with colostomies, but they can still happen. So colostomates should still be careful to chew their food well, and drink plenty of water.  

Though it’s ok, and actually recommended, for most colostomates (like those with no underlying medical condition such as IBD) to follow a fiber-rich diet, avoid anything that may have blocked you up in the past. For instance, some people have problems with popcorn and others don’t. 

Courtesy Joan Scott, author of The Ostomy Raft