Jul 09, 2021

Why Journal? 

The act of keeping a journal forces us to think about previous positive memories. This strengthens your mental reserves and helps with motivation. Consider setting a goal of keeping this journal for a period of at least ten weeks. In the journal, you can recall the generosity of your close friends during the onset of your illness, surgery, and post surgery. In the blur of pain meds, readjusting your expectations, and moving through your stages of loss, you may have forgotten who was around, helping to support you and lift you up. Gratitude is key to a positive and winning mindset, because none of us can succeed on our own. 


Journaling has been proven to have an overall positive effect on your health and recovery. Five powerful health benefits of journaling include: 

  • Reducing Stress 
  • Improving Immune Function 
  • Keeps Memory Sharp 
  • Boosts Mood 
  • Strenghtens Emotional Function 

Ready to try Journaling? – 10 Tips to Get Started  

  • Use Pen and Paper 
  • Journal in the Morning 
  • Write Every Day 
  • Make Time 
  • Try Stream of Consciousness Journaling 
  • Write about the Current Space you are in 
  • Use Journaling Prompts 
  • Talk to Your Inner Child 
  • Cultivate an Attitude of Gratittude 
  • Keep it Private 

Writing Prompts to get you started: 

  1. Tell your story – write about your ostomy journey from where you began to where you are now.  Be sure to include your thoughts and feelings — be honest. 
  2. Write a letter to someone you love telling them how grateful you are for their touch on your life. 
  3. Think about a person or experience that had a positive impact on your life.  Describe what happened and how it affected you. 
  4. Choose a word that applies to healing (courage, endurance, patience, hope, positivity, confidence, perseverance, etc.) and write about how you’d like to embrace it in your recovery journey. 
  5. Bitter or Better – write about everything you are frustrated or angry about – get it all out.  Then think about how those “negative” aspects could be character building as you choose “better.”  (Add video link: 

Online journal: