What are the general expectations and possible complications for my surgery?

May 10, 2021

General Expectations 

  • Hospital stays are dependent on the circumstances of surgery.  Some patients may only stay one night in the hospital, while others may require a week or more before they have recovered sufficiently to safely return home. 
  • Your surgery and anesthesia team will develop a plan to reduce and treat your pain using multiple methods of pain control. 
  • You may feel anxious about looking at your stoma for the first time. 
  • Your stoma will shrink up to 50% in size within six months. 
  • You will develop a great appreciation for your WOC nurse. 
  • Feeling fearful and apprehensive about changing your pouch is common but you will learn how to change your pouch and one day it will become as easy for you as brushing your teeth. 
  • You may be restricted from driving for a short period of time after your surgery. 
  • You will be able to return to all the activities you love!! 

Possible Complications 

As with any surgery, there are some risks.  Though the complication rate after surgery is very small, you could experience: 

Surgery related -

  • Damage to other organs 
  • An internal infection 
  • Internal bleeding 

Ostomy related -

  • Stoma blockage 
  • Hernia 
  • Problems from scar tissue/adhesions 
  • A wound breaking down 
  • Stoma prolapse 
  • Poorly fitting appliance 
  • Peristomal skin issues/irritation 
  • Dehydration – This is the #1 reason people are admitted to the hospital and you can prevent it! More Info Here.