What should I take to the hospital?

May 10, 2021

Hospital Packing List 

  • Photo ID and insurance card 
  • Eyeglasses or contacts 
  • Hearing aid (along with extra batteries) 
  • Dentures and denture case 
  • Cell phone and charger or pre-paid phone card 
  • Any specific toiletries you must have (e.g. lip balm or body lotion) 
  • Chewing gum (this is often used in post-operative recovery protocols). 
  • Comfort items (e.g. ear plugs, sleep mask, comfy pajamas, robe, slippers, clean underwear and socks) 
  • Your own pillow and/or distinctive pillow case (so it doesn’t get mistaken for hospital linens) 
  • A music player or headphones for your phone to listen to relaxation messages or calming music (or to simply drown out noise). 
  • One or two small photos of loved ones, pets or a favorite vacation spot 
  • A bottle of hand sanitizer to keep by your bedside table for any visitors and for yourself as it may be hard to get out of bed at first 
  • A small amount of money for vending machines or gift shop – love most cash and credit cards at home 
  • Notebook and pen to take notes when speaking with a doctor and to write the questions that come up in their absence 


  • Reading/Listening material (magazines, puzzle books, short stories, books, Audible app, Podcasts, etc.) 
  • Streaming services lined up (Hulu, Netflix, etc.) 
  • List of must watch shows and documentaries 
  • Journal to record your recovery story 

Personal Items 

  • List of medicines you’re taking 
  • Comfortable clothing for easy fit