When can I go back to work?

Jul 08, 2021

Going back to work after your ostomy surgery can create some anxiety.  Everyone recovers at a different pace, and you probably have questions like, “Will my co-workers know, what if I have a leak or problem with my pouch, and will I have any limitations?”  The reality is that no one need know unless you want to tell them and with a little bit of preparation you can be as confident as you were before your surgery. 

Here are some things to consider before you return to work: 

1) If you commute by driving a car, you have been cleared by your doctor and are comfortable with the distance you need to travel. 

2) Do you have enough energy to make it through a full day.  If not, consider checking with your employer about returning part time at first and gradually adding more time as you recover. 

3) Have you had enough practice that you are confident emptying your pouch in a public bathroom? 

4) If disaster strikes, and you need to replace your pouch at work, do you have the supplies you will need to take care of it? 

5) Have you been able to select a few outfits that you will feel comfortable and confident in at work?